Active Mindfulness is the home of;
Wellbeing Coaching
Mindfulness Courses & Individual Coaching
Mindfulness for Sports Performance & Enhancement (MSPE)

Wellbeing is an active process in which we find balance between our body and mind. Often we find ourselves focussing on one at the expense of the other. Mindfulness and wellbeing coaching can support us in bringing our mind and body back together. I offer wellbeing coaching for anyone wanting to grow, challenge themselves, work towards goals or find deeper fulfilment.  Whether your goal is around wellbeing, becoming more active, reaching for your dreams or simply being more present, active mindfulness can support you. 

-Life coaching for anyone wishing to work on personal wellbeing, improving relationships or finding meaning and purpose.
-Mindfulness courses aimed at improving wellbeing
Mindfulness courses to enhance enjoyment and performance of sports (MSPE)
-Mindfulness for runners courses
-Individual mindfulness coaching packages
-Mindfulness group sessions for corporate bodies

Active Mindfulness Mission Statement

To make psychology accessible to all, so that we all may reach our greatest potential.  

Click the link below to hear a little about what mindfulness is and how it could support you with either performance or enjoyment of sport.