'I'm not fast enough.' 'I can't do it.' 'It's too cold out there.' If any of these thoughts feel familiar then you are not alone. Our minds are busy places. They take us on a wild ride of thoughts and feelings everyday. Surprisingly, most of us are unaware of most of our thoughts until they impact our day.

Mindful running is an adventure for the body and mind. If you are a recreational runner, an elite athlete or you simply want to make it around the park on a Saturday morning, mindfulness can support you. The skill of being able to observe our thoughts, memories, or bodily sensations without the need to react to them offers us a variety of benefits. We can improve our focus, our ability to be present, relax our bodies and even overcome the thoughts that get in our way.

This book will help you create a personal mindfulness practise to support your running. Together we will explore the mind and body as you warm up, walk, run and cool down. Bringing your full awareness to your body and observing your mind as you move will help you bring your mind and body back together. That's the best place to be to achieve your goals. Whether your goals are around performance or gaining greater enjoyment of running, mindfulness has something to offer.

You can dip in and out of this book, completing the exercises at your own pace. Either enjoy as a whole or allow the book to guide you through a 4 week mindfulness for runners course. 

Only £6.99 as a paperback or £5.99 on kindle. 

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Mindfulness For Runners on Udemy

This course is an introduction to the idea of combining mindfulness with running. It is ideal for athletes, coaches and all of us who enjoy running. Whether you are looking to improve performance, overcome the obstacles of the mind or simply enjoy being out for a run. Mindfulness can support you. This course is delivered over 4 sections containing a total of 16 lectures (3 hours of video instruction). The content of the course is as follows; Section 1 - The adventure of mindful running. This will introduce you to mindfulness and mindful running. I will take you through exercises designed to help you think about how mindfulness and mindful running can support your goals. We will explore how mindfulness for sport performance & enhancement (MSPE) supports skills including concentration, focus, and ability to let go of negative thoughts. All of which can help us overcome thought, emotion or motivation based difficulties.  Here is the link to the full course.

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