Mindfulness in action - Andy Morley climbing

Some feedback left by climbers who took part in our introduction to mindfulness for sports course
'I have really enjoyed the session. It will help towards managing my fear when climbing'
'I enjoyed all the activities and ways to anchor attention in the moment'
'A really great session. I now have some really useful skills to practice'

'I really enjoyed reminding myself to be present. It's good to see what I had learned previously is applicable to climbing'
'A really lovely session. I'm left wanting to try it all'

Feedback received from runners who took part in our introduction  to mindfulness for sports course

'Particularly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and willingness of everyone to get involved' 
'It opened my mind to how this could work for running but also everything else. I would Love to do a longer course of sessions. It was excellent. Thank you. Whole session really engaging'
'Really great introduction. Thank you' 
'Can't wait to start practicing'

Real Voices 

Simon Callaghan, a teacher from the midlands, talks how he discovered mindfulness and how he used this to help with wellbeing and to overcome a fear of falling while climbing.