TITLE - The Adventure of Mindful Running: A Guide for Runners Seeking Greater Enjoyment and Performance.

Author - Dr Gemma Applegarth

Pages – 106

ISBN - 979-8843882273

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In an exciting debut book Dr Gemma Applegarth brings together expertise in teaching mindfulness with her own experience of returning to running. Alongside sharing the authors journey, the reader develops an understanding of mindful running and is invited to begin their own adventure. Step by step exercises guide the reader to a greater understanding of their own mind, body, thoughts, and feelings helping them choose their reaction to them.   Dr Gemma Applegarth guides the reader in developing their own mindfulness practise which can enhance and support their running experience.

‘Amazing, a great read’ Linda Kirkwood - Regular Parkrunner

‘Really enjoyed this, I can see how mindfulness could help me overcome my thoughts when running’ Simon Peters – Club runner

Mindfulness refers to the awareness that emerges when we pay attention to the present in a way that allows us to simply observe our thoughts, feelings, and sensations without getting caught up in our emotional reaction to them. Our minds are always chatting, commenting, and evaluating. Regular meditation practise can support us to develop our mindful awareness and our acceptance of our present moment experience. This is proposed to help us develop five skills which are relevant for running. These are concentration, relaxation of the body, letting go when thoughts are unhelpful, a sense of being in harmony & rhythm and the ability to develop key associations which can return us to the present at any time.

Dr Gemma Applegarth takes the reader through the theory and practicalities of mindfulness for sports. The chapters detail the following.

Chapter 1 – The Adventure Begins

 – The authors story of mixing running and mindfulness

Chapter 2 – What is mindfulness?

– Life on autopilot

– Myths about mindfulness

– Where did mindfulness come from?

– Setting goals that mindfulness can support

Chapter 3 – How can mindfulness support my running?

– The five skills mindfulness develops

– Flow – what is it and what conditions does it need?

Chapter 4 – Getting started with mindfulness

– Mindfulness and diaphragmatic breathing

– The body scan meditation

Chapter 5 – Mindfulness while running  

– Running and anchors back to the present

– Bringing mindfulness to your nutrition plan (mindful eating meditation)

– Taking mindfulness out on a walk and building to a run

Chapter 6 – Watching the Mind as It Wanders

– TV screen meditation

– Including visualisation in meditation

Chapter 7 – The adventure has only just begun

– Next steps – developing a practise


About The Author

Dr Gemma Applegarth is a UK based psychologist with over a decade of experience. Gemma works within the NHS providing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Counselling, and teaching Mindfulness skills. Outside of this Gemma is a trained Mindfulness for Sports Performance Enhancement (MSPE) practitioner. Helping recreational runners move towards their goals. Mindfulness is a big part of Gemma’s experience of running and she is an advocate for bringing physical and mental health together.