What Is Wellbeing Coaching?

Wellbeing coaching is for anyone who wants to improve their self awareness, work towards a specific goal, improve the quality of their relationships, find out more about themselves or live with a greater sense of meaning and purpose. A coaching session allows you to consider your hopes, desires, experiences and the obstacles in your way with a professional who can help you develop a plan to move forward. When you are considering coaching we will meet online for a assessment session. This just means we will get to know each other better, work out what our goals for the sessions are and agree a time frame for our work. Typically people attend coaching once a month but it is also possible to attend more often. It is also an opportunity for you to decide if coaching is right for you at this time. 

About Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the awareness that emerges when we learn how to pay attention to the present in a non judgemental way. Think of it as the opposite of that ‘auto pilot’ moment where you have travelled all the way home, across roundabouts and traffic lights but remember nothing of the journey. The body was present but who knows where the mind was, perhaps it was thinking through difficulties, replaying movie clips, reciting song lyrics or just longing to get away from it all. This isn’t a sign there is anything wrong, just that you are human and so your mind likes to wander. 

Mindfulness has its origins in Buddhist meditation, however recent adaptations have made it applicable to a variety of settings. Research suggests it may be helpful for managing wellbeing, enhancing enjoyment of activity and reducing the struggle that comes when we get caught up with our negative thoughts. Remember that time your mind got in the way of being with someone, the time it kept chatting away as you tried to sleep, the time it told you not to go for a run as it’s way to cold and wet or it very helpfully reminded you of all your failures just as you need some confidence.

With practice mindfulness can help you become more aware of the auto pilot wandering of the mind. This can ultimately allow more of a chance to respond to the mind with choice rather than impulse.  

Mindfulness In The Workplace

Many workplaces recognise the wellbeing of staff as vital for creating a content and productive workplace. Active Mindfulness can work with you to create in person or virtual group sessions for your organisation. The sessions can include one off sessions or ongoing courses based around your organisations needs. These may include introduction to mindfulness sessions, mindful eating workshops, introduction to the principles of wellbeing sessions, active mindful movement groups or a six week mindfulness for life course.